New Community and Sports Facility for Burton Agnes

14th March 2011

Burton Agnes Sports Club has received a significant grant award from Centrica Storage Limited as part of the company”s £150,000.00 Caythorpe Community Support Fund.

An award of £58,750.00 has been handed to Burton Agnes Sports Club for the construction of a new energy efficient community building alongside the current sports pavilion which was originally built in the 1970s.

Burton Agnes Sports Club plans to construct a new building next to the existing bowls pavilion allowing for extended use by the local community. Sports club members hope to attract more local people and social groups when the project is completed.

Burton Agnes doesn”t currently have a designated community space or village hall, so the new building will be a welcome addition. This was a key reason for Centrica Storage Limited”s grant awarding panel backing the sports club”s plans. The company hopes that residents will use the new building as a place to congregate, either through sporting activity or by basing their social groups there. It will also give the parish council a place to hold its meetings.

The new facility will also have environmental benefits, as the project will result in a more energy-efficient building than the older bowls pavilion.

The funding forms part of the Caythorpe Gas Storage project, which will convert an area of land in Caythorpe, between the three parishes of Boynton, Burton Agnes and Rudston, to an onshore gas storage facility.

Centrica Storage Limited set up the fund for qualifying community projects within the parishes of Boynton, Rudston and Burton Agnes. The fund was established for community and voluntary organisations to support initiatives that will create a long-lasting and sustainable benefit.

Burton Agnes Sports club member, Cliff Dalton, said: “We are delighted that Centrica Storage Limited has agreed to back our plans for a new facility alongside the village”s sports pavilion. For many years now, Burton Agnes has been without a place to meet as a community and this is a great opportunity to provide a resource that will benefit the parish council, the sports clubs and people from the village and the wider area. This is a brilliant project and we feel extremely privileged that it has been given the green light.”

Glenn Sibbick, Project Director at Centrica Storage Limited, said: “The fact that Burton Agnes doesn”t currently have a building for the community to use was a key reason for the grant awarding panel”s decision to support this project. The sports club proposed an excellent solution and we are delighted to be able to award them £58,750.00 for the construction of a new facility, which we hope will benefit the local and wider community.

“Centrica Storage Limited set up the fund to support community projects exactly like this and we are really pleased that the new building, alongside the projects we have agreed to support in Boynton and Rudston, will have a huge, long-lasting and positive impact for all three communities.”