Local gas storage facility lighting up children’s dark nights

16th December 2009

With the dark winter evenings drawing in, Centrica Storage Limited (CSL) has donated over 100 eco-friendly torches to two nearby primary schools.

The small wind-up torches, supplied to Burton Agnes Primary School and Boynton Primary School, both based near CSL’s Caythorpe site near Rudston, are powered by a dynamo and give off a very powerful light beam.

Each child at the school was presented with a torch by CSL representative, Andrew Gibson, on Wednesday, December 16 in an effort to make their walk home safer and perhaps even a little more entertaining.

CSL presented 95 of the wind-up branded torches to Burton Agnes Primary School and 65 to Boynton Primary School.

Joe Dodd, headteacher at Boynton Primary School, said: “Our children were so thrilled with the torches, they spent most of the day winding them up and playing with them – they really brightened up the day!!”

Duncan Baird, headteacher from Burton Agnes Primary school agreed: “Safety is always at the forefront of our thinking and we are delighted to receive such a gift, it will help to ensure children’s safety on the dark evenings and has provided some excellent discussions with the children about electricity and renewable energy.”

Andrew Gibson, Asset Performance Manager, CSL, said: “We’re really pleased with these torches, obviously they are a fantastic idea because they keep the children entertained but they do so much more. They’re handy to have around because the dynamo that powers them means they don’t need a battery – the children can just wind them up, and on a dark night walking home from school that will definitely help them be seen.”