Boynton Primary School Visit

16th October 2009

School children from Boynton Primary School in East Yorkshire are being given the opportunity to take a closer look at a number of interesting archaeological finds in their area.

Children from years five and six at the local village school have been invited to Centrica Storage Limited’s Caythorpe site to learn more about an archaeological dig that has been taking place at the site over recent months. The visit follows a tour by the Caythorpe Gas Storage project community liaison committee on Saturday 10 October 2010.

The children will be kitted out in full safety gear so that they can be taken on a tour of the excavated area before taking their seats in a classroom to look at actual artefacts and photographs of what has been found. Peter Cardwell, a leading archaeologist whose association with the site spans more than 15 years, will take the children through what has been done, what has been found and what happens to the remains in the future.

Centrica Storage, recognising early on in the planning of the new facility that it would come across certain archaeological finds, made allowances in the project timetable to unearth and share any remains. Humber Field Archaeology has been involved in the dig and is currently excavating the site on Centrica Storage’s behalf before construction work begins.

The team on-site has made some interesting finds so far, giving Boynton’s school children a lot to look forward to. They have found evidence of settlement, including an Iron Age round house and at least one Anglo-Saxon building. Finds recovered are a Roman brooch, an Anglo-Saxon coin, large fragments of a millstone and numerous fragments of pottery and animal bones. Five human burials have also been recovered – one of late Iron Age date buried with a simple iron brooch while another of probable Anglo-Saxon date was buried with an iron knife.

Mr Dodd head teacher at Boynton Primary School said: “It is great to learn that such interesting artefacts have been found on our doorstep. The children are really excited and can’t wait to go down to the site to learn about what takes place and the things that the archaeologists have unearthed. It’ll be a really enlightening experience for them and we’re very pleased that Centrica Storage has offered the school an opportunity to be a part of it.”

Justin Keynon, health and safety site manager at Centrica’s Caythorpe site, said: “I am really pleased that we’ve been able to get the local school involved looking at the archaeological dig. I think it’ll be very educational and something they can share with each other, their parents and with their younger classmates back at school.

“We started digging in July and plan to continue again in 2010 so the children will just be getting a glimpse of some of our first excavations. Hopefully there’ll be more to come.”

Tony Ezard, Chair of Rudston Parish Council, said: “I attended the site visit on Saturday 10 October and found it very interesting and informative. I am sure the school children will appreciate being shown around and will enjoy the experience. We are really pleased with the way in which Centrica Storage has engaged with the local community since it took over the project and would like to thank the project team for the opportunity to visit the site.”