Bridge Deck Installation Completed at Caythorpe Gas Storage Project Site

21st October 2010

The bridge at the Caythorpe gas storage project has been installed, providing an access road from the main processing facility to the well site approximately 1.2km away.

Weighing approximately 95 tonnes including rigging, the bridge was installed on 21st October 2010, a week ahead of schedule, after being lifted into place by the 700 tonne Super Lift Crane, ending a two-and-a-half month operation to prepare for the installation.

The design of the bridge took six months to design and was carried out by Jacob”s Engineering, a global engineering firm.

The structure was prepared by Balfour Beatty, who carried out the concrete civil work, and Hull company CDS Oil & Gas Services Ltd, who carried out the fabrication of the steelwork.

The bridge construction was completed successfully under the observation of both the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive.