New Road Signs to Look after East Yorkshire’s Wildlife

23rd November 2011

New road signs with a difference have been erected near Driffield by Centrica. The signs, recently installed near Rudston village, north of Driffield, are part of an ongoing initiative to protect the verges in this area, designed to protect wildlife within the verge grassland habitat.

The signs inform drivers not to drive over or onto the grass verges at the roadside for fear of the damage on the local environment and wildlife.

The road signs were implemented as part of a wider scheme called ‘The Country Mile Project’, which engages local residents to help look after sections of grass verges around the East Riding of Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Wolds designated as Verge Nature Reserves.

The funding for the new road signs came from Centrica Storage as part of the money donated to the Caythorpe Environmental Support Fund.

Michael Newton, Biodiversity Project Officer for East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “Roadside verges can provide an important refuge for threatened habitats, as well as insects, birds and small mammals. The best of the roadside verges in the East Riding have been designated as Verge Nature Reserves (VNRs). To have the Rudston VNRs sign posted is a great benefit in both protecting the verges and raising their profile.”

James Tonge of Centrica Storage, said: “We are really pleased to support this worthwhile initiative – one that will clearly assist in helping to preserve verges and the plants and animals that live within them. Grass verges seem like such a small area and are often disregarded as unimportant or unattached to the wildlife in the area, but they are every bit as important. The signs should make a real difference to the environment around Driffield.”

Centrica Storage awarded a team responsible for preserving countryside verges £1,310.85 back in March as part of the Caythorpe Environmental Support Fund. The £5,000.00 per year fund, which was set-up during the Caythorpe Gas Storage project approval process, will generate £125,000.00 over 25 years for qualifying environmental projects in and around the East Riding villages of Boynton, Burton Agnes and Boynton.