A New Play Park for Rudston”s Families

28th February 2011

A play park in an East Yorkshire village is now being renovated after being awarded grant funding through a locally based gas storage project.

Rudston”s play park will be transformed into a modern facility after the parish council was handed a grant worth £55,957.03 towards the project. The funding is part of Centrica Storage Limited”s promise to award the local community £150,000.00 worth of grants, associated with the Caythorpe Gas Storage project.

Rudston”s play park was in need of development to bring it up-to-date with the latest safety specifications and to make it more fit for its purpose as a child-friendly area.

The ageing play equipment is being replaced, modernising the park to encourage children of all ages from the parish and the surrounding area to engage in activities that will provide health, fitness and social benefits.

A wide range of social groups in the village will also benefit from the project, providing a revitalised playground that is fully accessible throughout the year. It will also be used for other community and social events.

The funding forms part of the Caythorpe Gas Storage project, which will convert an area of land in Caythorpe, between the three parishes of Boynton, Burton Agnes and Rudston, to an onshore gas storage facility.

Centrica Storage Limited set up the fund for qualifying community projects within the parishes of Boynton, Rudston and Burton Agnes. The fund was established for community and voluntary organisations to support initiatives that will create a long-lasting and sustainable benefit.

Simon Rhodes, Rudston Parish Councillor part of the team responsible for submitting Rudston”s application, said: “The announcement that Centrica Storage Limited decided to support our proposals to renovate the village”s play park is fantastic news. The new facility will be open in the spring so that children and families from the local area can enjoy it throughout the warmer months. We are delighted that this important community project has been given the go-ahead and would like to thank Centrica Storage Limited for supporting our plans.”

Glenn Sibbick, Project Director at Centrica Storage Limited, said: “The play park in Rudston is a great project and we are delighted to be able to support the Parish Council”s application to vastly improve the existing facility. It is a project that Centrica Storage Limited was keen to provide funding for, because of the potential health and community benefits for parents, their children and the wider population. As well as giving the children of the village a brand new play park, the whole community will have an excellent place to enjoy, 365 days a year.

“Selecting the projects that would receive funding was done so through a rigorous process, taking into account how each individual project would meet our qualifying criteria. The projects selected to receive funding, including Rudston play park, fulfilled the criteria and we are pleased that the local communities will benefit from this and a number of other excellent projects, which will be announced in due course.”