New Eco-Friendly Village Hall to Benefit from Centrica Storage Funding

7th March 2011

Following on from Centrica Storage Limited”s promise to award the local community £150,000.00 in grant support, the company is delighted to announce the second of three successful applications that will receive a share of the funding.

Boynton village has been awarded £36,793.95 from the Caythorpe Community Support Fund for much needed improvements to its community building. The decision follows last week”s announcement that neighbouring Rudston Parish Council has been awarded £55,957.03 to build a new play park in the village. The scheme will help to create a more sustainable building for the local community, providing additional social and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to Boynton.

Included in the project is the installation of solar panels on the roof of the village hall. These will produce energy, which will pay for the village hall”s future utility bills with any surplus electricity created being sold back to the National Grid.

The village hall floor will also be replaced, creating a more durable surface that will cater for a wider range of activities for the local community. The village hall committee believes that the new floor will help generate much needed additional revenue by generating opportunities for more events throughout the year as well as improving the facility throughout.

A new village hall website is also part of the project, with a portion of the funding going towards a resource to provide information about the parish, including the history of the area and the current activities at the village hall and in the community. Please visit: to see the new website, which is a credit to local representatives, and is now live.

The funding forms part of the Caythorpe Gas Storage project, which will convert an area of land in Caythorpe, between the three parishes of Boynton, Burton Agnes and Rudston, to an onshore gas storage facility.

Centrica Storage Limited set up the fund for qualifying community projects within the parishes of Boynton, Rudston and Burton Agnes. The fund was established for community and voluntary organisations to support initiatives that will create a long-lasting and sustainable benefit.

Janet Brannan, chair of Boynton Parish Council, said: “We are absolutely thrilled that our application for major improvements for the village hall has been accepted. The funds that Centrica Storage Limited has allocated to us will make a huge difference – one that will make the hall more sustainable now and in the future. We are all really excited about the prospect of a more energy efficient facility with scope for expanding the services we can offer. Our new website will also help us to promote the hall more widely and hopefully this will result in more users and visitors. Since taking over the Caythorpe project, we have been very impressed with the way in which Centrica Storage Limited has tried to become an active and integrated part of community life.”

Glenn Sibbick, Project Director at Centrica Storage Limited, said: “We are delighted that we have been able to provide funding for the village of Boynton. The project that the committee has proposed is one that we feel will have a positive impact on the village hall and the wider community.

“The grant awarding process, from the initial applications to the analysis and evaluation of the individual projects was a lengthy and in-depth procedure. Ultimately, Centrica Storage Limited is delighted that the projects chosen to receive funding successfully meet the application criteria and that the individual communities will benefit greatly through the support we have given.”