Caythorpe Gas Storage Environmental Support Fund 2016 announces funding for four projects

28th October 2016

Centrica Storage Limited (CSL) today announced the 2016 Caythorpe Gas Storage Environmental Support Fund will be financing four projects in the East Riding parishes of Boynton, Burton Agnes and Rudston.

The fund was established on 31st January 2011 and has so far helped to finance a number of local environmental projects totalling £25,000. The Caythorpe gas storage project has a planned lifespan of 24 years – to which CSL is delighted to make an annual payment of £5,000 to support it over that period of time.

Applications were invited from the three parishes for funding towards projects which will make a real difference to the community. The four projects selected to receive the £5,000 of funding are: the Environmental Garden at Burton Agnes Primary School, ‘The Corner Garden’ for Rudston Parish Council, a new boiler for Boynton Village Hall, and energy efficiency improvements for Rudston Playing Field Committee Pavilion.

Ian Livingston, a terminal manager within CSL who is responsible for the Caythorpe gas storage project, said: “The fund has helped to finance some excellent applications since it began in 2011, and this year is no exception. We are delighted to have the opportunity to make contributions to four new and hugely worthwhile projects.”

CSL is keen to support community and voluntary organisations that are charitable, educational or benevolent in purpose. The 2017 Caythorpe Gas Storage Environmental Support Fund will open early next year when, once again, applications will be invited for projects that will make a real difference in the community.

A legacy of local environmental support

Over its five-year history, the Caythorpe Gas Storage Environmental Support Fund has backed a number of worthwhile causes across the region:

1. sponsorship of Rudston newsletter;
2. preservation of countryside verges;
3. conservation and improvement to habitats of chalk rivers;
4. an eco-friendly village hall in Boynton; a community and sports facility for Burton Agnes;
5. a play park for families in Rudston; and
6. provision of high-visibility ‘snapbands’ to help school children from across the region to stay safe in the dark.

Centrica plc, the parent company of British Gas, acquired the Caythorpe Gas Storage site from Warwick Energy in September 2008. Centrica owns the onshore gas producing field near Bridlington in East Yorkshire, which is a substantially depleted onshore gas field located close to the National Transmission System.